Vissarion, Jesus from Siberia!

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Vissarion, "A Long Weekend With the Son of God" / Channel 4. A Russian policeman turned self proclaimed Jesus, living in a big community on a mountain in Siberia, just north of Mongolia. Interesting. Heaven is HERE. And if you don't get it you have to leave.Raadfest - The Revolution Against Aging and Death! 3 October 2019 Las Vegas/ ( )Heaven is HERE. And if you don't get it you have to leave.Raadfest - The revolution against aging and death - August 4-7, 2016 | San Diego, CA=, leader of the Church of the Last Testament, whose devotees believe in vegetarianism, solar power and aliens. `If you need a backup plan for the end times, or if you're just looking to retire in an idyllic country setting that doesn't allow alcohol, tobacco or decisions made by women, this Russian cult has got you covered.This was on Israeli TV... subtitles are in Hebrew and Russian and are IN the movie
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Личный видеоканал Виссариона
Видеоканал “Община Виссариона
Видеоканал “Обитель Рассвета
Личный видеоканал Alex Rags
Канал Александра Староверова
ТикТок “Обитель Рассвета

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